System Status

We're back!

So what happened?

Nobody could get through to the server.
We checked everything 10 times or more.
We hired a consultant to reexamine the database and all programs.
They couldn't find anything wrong.

As it turns out, it was our domain name provider: GoDaddy.
They had an issue with their system, but told no one. Basically their glitch pointed our domain name to NOWHERE.
They fixed it, but would not admit their mistake nor would they take responsibility for it.
It was very disappointing.
But we're back and learned not to rely on them any longer.
Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Our intention with this page is to keep our customers informed about our system, maintenance schedule, and any problems we may be experiencing.


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The link to our QuickNOC Pro Career Guide server is:

If you ever need assistance, please let us know. Our Contact Form insures that your message will reach us.