VocSoft.com in cooperation with VAS, offers Web-based vocational assessment tools for vocational professionals, developed by professional vocational counsellors who have extensive field experience.

Our QuickNOC Pro Online software service should be of interest to those who:

  • Work in a vocational counselling or guidance capacity of any type
  • Work in vocational evaluation or assessment fields
  • Work in the Vocational Rehabilitation field
  • Work with people with disabilities
  • Work in disability management professions
  • Work with vocational/adjudication services with Workers? Compensation Boards/Commissions
  • Work in bodily injury litigation
  • Work within insurance benefit or claims management professions
  • Are teachers in any of the above fields
  • Are students in any of the above fields
  • Work in a Human Resources capacity
  • Provide Service as a Career Counselor
  • Are considering changing careers
  • Are returning to work after leaving the work force for an extended period
  • Would like to explore the world of work to determine other career options

We provide an online system (QuickNOC Pro Career Guide) which can take a client with little or no knowledge of how to find a career or job, create a resume or a cover letter, to finding interest areas and completing a transferable skills analysis.

Our online system tracks progress, for the client, and for the counsellor. Online tracking of activities provides the client with proof of participation in workers' compensation cases.

Built in administrative functions make using the system a breeze for companies, supervisors, and human resource managers. Counsellor budgeting on a per client basis is built into the system. A helpful Timeline feature keeps everyone on task and goal oriented.

A secure built in messaging system allows for Counsellor, client and administrator to communicate, without worrying about e-mail problems or confidentiality.


NOC Training

Ask about our Winter/Spring NOC Seminars

The structure and methodology of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Applying Objective Data NOC in practice/reports How to complete a TSA by work history Completing Unit/Minor/Major Group TSA?s Introduction to the use of NOC based software

NOC Training Registration includes:

  • - Online registration with QuickNOCPro or QuickNOC Pro Career Guide (NOC Based)
  • - 4 free client packs
  • - 6 CEU - Continuing Education Units (credits) for the RRP designation Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (CARP)
  • - 1 full day of NOC Application instruction
  • - Q & A period
  • - Telephone (program) support following training
  • QuickNOC Pro Career Guide Training

    Training is available to assist with launching the system within your company or government. While using the system is very easy to do, there are many incredible features and some training may be beneficial to those unfamiliar with the NOC or transferable skills analyses.