VocSoft.com in cooperation with VAS, is an online vocational assessment and service company with extensive experience in the vocational counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and vocational assessment/evaluation fields. Accordingly, we have opened our portfolio of vocational knowledge and experience, and we have applied the science of Web based database programming to it. In so doing, we have witnessed the evolution from our flagship software program QuickNOC Pro to QuickNOC Pro Online, leading to our most complete service available: QuickNOC Pro Career Guide.

The evolution of QuickNOC Pro has been guided through the interaction of a vocational and disability consulting firm. Together, we have mobilized our knowledge and experience to marry the science of the computer to the creativity of the counselling process. Thus, we have created software for Vocational Counselling, Vocational Assessment, and Rehabilitation Management professionals.

Our online version is available to everyone on every type of computer. All you need is an Internet connection and our online service will do the rest.

We know and understand the needs of vocational and rehabilitation professionals in the field; we've been there and we are still there.

VocSoft.com was founded, and is currently managed, by Vocational Counselors.

VAS is affiliated with Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited, an Atlantic Canadian rehabilitation consulting company (incorporated in 1992), and VocRehab.com, an American vocational software firm. Accordingly, we have access and knowledge of both the Canadian vocational database (National Occupational Classification) and both of the American vocational systems (Dictionary of Occupational Titles and evolving O*NET(tm)).

Warren Comeau, BA, RRP, CCRC, FCARP is President of Rehabilitation Alternatives Limited. He has been extensively involved in the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals, (Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada) having served on numerous committees, and as National President.

Mark McGovern, BA, CSW, RRP, acts as Secretary Treasurer of Rehabilitation Alternatives, and as Vice President, Marketing/ Sales, for VAS. He also provides customers of VAS with direction related to software application to the vocational consulting fields. He has extensive experience working with the National Occupational Classification, which enables him to assess your software needs, and advise you on the realities of purchase, training, and other considerations, when considering integration of new vocational service (QuickNOC Pro Career Guide) into your place of business.

Assistance and software development from VocRehab.com is invaluable. VocRehab.com has been a leader in the U.S. Transferable Skills Analysis market for many years developing software and online Internet capabilities.

Collectively, we are undeniably unique. We are the only company with both software and vocational consulting field experience, in both the U.S. and Canada. We are therefore able to offer a unique perspective on the application of vocational software to the practice of vocational consultation, across a wide spectrum of clientele.

VAS differs from other companies in that we are vocational and consulting practitioners. We at VAS make no assumptions about what is needed; we learn about client needs in the field. Furthermore, we utilize our online service in our own practice, and are therefore constantly aware of ways to make it better, in an ever-evolving field of practice.